It’s that time again… #WANDERLUSTWEDNESDAY is here! And today I’m gonna be talking about a place where I am so desperate to go it hurts! This place is the birth of jazz music, the famous French Quarter and let’s not forget voodoo! That’s right, I’m talking about New Orleans…

Considering that I’m a hardcore Ghost Adventures fan, I am completely obsessed with anything to do with ghosts, hauntings and anything weird and creepy really… Hence the reason why this historical town is one of the top places to go on my list. For those American Horror Story fans, you’ll know that Coven was actually filmed in New Orleans and you can stay in the Coven house and even visit Madame Lalaurie’s house.

Now if you’re into really creepy sh*t, you can go on a voodoo tour, including visiting the grave of the legendary voodoo queen herself, Marie Laveua, people apparently leave offerings at her grave all year round in hope of gaining her favour. There is even the New Orleans Museum of Voodoo where you can get the real New Orleans experience.

Moving away from ghosts and ghouls, New Orleans has an impressive music culture, being the home of Jazz music, a must-stop place is Fritzel’s European Jazz where the building has been around for 200 years! Let’s not forget to mention Bourbon Street, quite possibly the most famous street in the French Quarter, here is where you’ll find all the best watering holes such as Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, which dates back to 1772 as well as The Absinthe House, originally built in 1806 and used to be a family-owned importing firm.

Can I also talk about Mardi Gras, for those who don’t know, Mardi Gras is a South Louisiana tradition and takes place in New Orleans in a giant carnival form, usually held around Lent and Shrove Tuesday and is a massive celebration in the city!

New Orleans boasts a variety of historic and interesting sights to see and what appeals to me about this city is the huge mix of things to do! Including a variety of museum tours, swamp tours in great outdoors or getting a taste of hearty New Orleans gumbo, this magical city has the best of three: History, booze and jazz… Where do I book?

Been to New Orleans? Share your tips & must-see things below!

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These posts are designed to give you a brief insight and overview about what to expect and discuss the must-see attractions and rides to get the most out of your Disney experience.

Today, I’ll be talking about Animal Kingdom, a jungle inspired theme park full of spectacular sights and definitely one to visit for animal lovers. So let’s crack on shall we!
Animal Kingdom is 500 acres of lush greenery, a vast amount of attractions and even live animals, 1,700 to be exact! This theme park will transport you to the streets of Asia, Africa and even has it’s very own safari tour, in true Disney style, the park is made up of 7 magical lands which boast a variety of attractions and rides for all ages.

The thing I love about Animal Kingdom is this park is part conservation, part theme park and works as both educational and entertaining, stepping foot in the lush greenery upon the entrance, you will walk into the Oasis, completely different to the manic crowds of Magic Kingdom’s Main Street USA, this shady pathway is filled with tropical trees and a selection of animals such as kangaroos, otters and iguanas.

Discovery Island is the hub and centre of the park, you’ll soon realise why as you gaze upon the tree of life, a huge tree which overlooks the entire park with a selection of beautifully carved species in its trunk. Under the tree, you can find the entrance to It’s Tough To Be A Bug, a 4-D cinematic experience which includes the cast of Bug’s Life.

New to Animal Kingdom (2018) is the Pandora - World of Avatar, Animal Kingdom have created an impressive land to represent the popular film Avatar, which is 12-acres of inspiring creations from Disney’s Imagineers. In Pandora, you’ll find the impressive simulator ride Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey, I am so excited to see how this land turned out when I return to Florida next year!

Africa is next on the list and you’ll stroll through the fictional village of Harambe, you’ll also be greeted by silverback Gorillas and other exotic animals, if you want to give your legs a rest, I’d recommend jumping on the Kilimanjaro Safari, which is a real safari trail featuring giraffes, lions, hippos and much more, this is definitely a must-see attraction in Africa!

If you don’t fancy going on a bus, then you can take a leisurely stroll through Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, this trail includes animals such as meerkats and gorillas. There is also the option to board the Wildlife Express Train which takes you to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.
Like I said, the good thing about Animal Kingdom is the educational aspect, being an animal lover I love learning about new species and Rafiki’s Planet Watch is a conservation project which teaches you about animal well-being, habitat watch and animal welfare. Also in Rafiki’s Planet Watch is Affection Section which includes domestic animals that they allow you to pet.

Asia is your next stop on this jungle adventure, from the minute you cross over the bridge and enter the mysterious village of Anandapur, the Expedition Everest ride will be in full view, one of my absolute favourite rides out of all the parks, this takes you on a tour of the Himalayan mountains in search for the Yeti, will you find him? You’ll have to find out! This ride is definitely for the thrill-seekers and may be a little too scary for the younger ones, however I would still class it as Family Friendly. Tip: This ride is always one of the busiest, so try and book in your fast-pass times, however the queue for this ride is so interesting and actually takes you through the Yeti museum, where you can view real-life evidence of the mystery of the Yeti.

Asia is also home to the Kali River Rapids, which is a great way to cool down from the Florida heat, but be prepared as you can get soaked on this ride! There is also Maharajah Jungle Trek, where you can wander through Ancient Asian ruins and the Flights of Wonder exotic bird display.

Still with me? Good, last but not least is DinoLand U.S.A, this land is a dinosaur inspired land taking you back 65 million years, I personally feel like this land is a little dated and doesn’t really flow well with the rest of the park, however there are still some fun rides to see here. One of my top rides is DINOSAUR, again this may be a little scary for younger children but it’s certainly one to tick off the list! Queues for this ride are so busy as it’s quite popular so again, I’d check your fast-pass times for this one. Other attractions in DinoLand U.S.A include Primeval Whirl, a twisting and turning rollercoaster which is one to enjoy with the family, there is also Triceratop Spin and a selection of carnival inspired games.

Credit: Disney Event Group 
Like any Disney parks, there are a lot of themed restaurants and character meet and greets, characters at this park include Lilo & Stitch, Baloo and King Louie from The Jungle Book and recently Moana, just be sure to plan ahead as the wait times can be huge!

Aaaaaand breath! I think that’s Animal Kingdom in a nutshell, if I’ve missed anything please comment below or if you have any questions then let me know!

Don’t forget you can also plan your experience on the My Disney Experience app :-)

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As a aspiring blogger, I am always on the lookout for amazing content across my Instagram feed and although there are plenty of beautiful Instagram accounts around, here's my top 5 female travel bloggers you need to follow... 
@gypsea_lust, also known as Lauren Bullen is a travel and lifestyle blogger who is originally from Australia, her Instagram feed will literally make you want to hop on a flight to the nearest tropical destination, she and her partner, fellow travel blogger @doyoutravel A.K.A Jack Morris, now permanently travel world. They met during a photography job and have since fell in love, travelling to the most amazing locations around the globe. Lauren and Jack have set up the most amazing home in Bali (they share their beautiful house on both of their IG accounts) and manage to create the best, Insta-worthy content around! 
Another one to watch on Instagram is @gypsealovinlight, or better known as Helen Janneson Benson, she is based in Western Australia and regularly shares envious locations around the world. Her wardrobe is also envious, as she shares bohemian styled outfits alongside dreamy sunsets, with photography taken by her photographer husband Bobby, Helen’s feed is one to follow!
Dominika, or known on Instagram as The Blonde Flamingo, recently had the pleasure of swapping her full-time day job to becoming a fully fledged blogger! I have personally had the pleasure to speak to Dominika and she is lovely, her feed is a mix of fashion and travel, regularly updating her 70k Instagram followers with inspiring content! 
Amsterdam based Noor De Groot or @queenofjetlags, shares her fast-paced travel life with the 600k followers on Insta, when she’s not taking care of her adorable daughter, Noor is travelling the world and eating amazing food whilst rocking the must-have outfits.
Lucia Tranos shares her beautifully bright content with her 110k followers, her bio which reads ‘chasing summer’ shows exactly that, with the ultimate summer vibes @lucyinthesskyy is your must follow girl if you’re looking for some serious summer inspo!

Who is your Instagram inspo? Comment below :-)

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Benidorm has a really bad reputation and it's really hard to try and feel positive about a place which is known for boozed up Brits abroad, I was honestly so hesitant when the girls brought up this holiday destination, in my head I was kinda wishing we we're going to Greece or something as I knew that this type of holiday just wasn't going to be for me, however, I have to say that I honestly had one of the best holidays I've ever had and we're already planning to go back next year.

Now if you're into your luxury, 4* hotels, quiet strip and beautiful old Spanish streets, then maybe you should skip this one out, but if you measure your holiday in how much of a good time you've had then I can guarantee that no matter what, you will have such a good time out here.

We stayed in Benidorm for a week and actually stayed in the Sol Pelicanos, where the show Benidorm is actually filmed, I would recommend staying here as this hotel is one of the nicer in the area and offers all-inclusive, it also has two pools, a daily entertainment programme, pool bar and lots of other amenities you'd expect. In terms of location, it was a short walk from the main strip and a straight road down to the beach.

The nightlife in Benidorm can be a little hectic, having usually opted for quieter holidays in the past, I was so intrigued to get a taste of the legendary Benidorm strip, it has to be said, it's utter madness. But in the best way, the drinks are so cheap and the music is always good, the atmosphere, especially in high summer, really gets you into the mood, our pick of the many many clubs to choose was The Red Lion, it was definitely one of the most popular bars and always played really good music however there are so many bars to choose from and you usually always get a free shot in each.

The thing I would say about Benidorm is that there are literally no rules, you could be dancing in the middle of The Red Lion when a segway sex show just suddenly appears, yes I said it, a segway sex show. If you're not into that stuff then leave as soon as you see the Minnie Mouse ears... but it's all part of the Benidorm fun, right?!

And in case you're wondering, yes, we did see Sticky Vicky. If you aren't aware of her, then I'll put it simply for you... This is a 'sex' show which involves a middle-aged woman pushing and pulling things from her, erm, lady parts. Again, not everyone's cup of tea but it's a novelty of Benidorm and you know, when in Rome and all that...

On the less sexual side, there are family friendly things to enjoy too, including the Aqualandia Waterpark, which has a variety of thrill rides and slides to suit everyone, probably better booking in advance as ticket prices on the door cost us around €30.

There's the Old Town, which represents the Spanish charm of cute narrow streets and is a good place to escape the madness of the strip, Benidorm also has a really big gay scene, so there are a lot of gay bars which do really amazing cocktails, if you're there, I'd recommend visiting Bar 69.

The beach is first-class and if you're a beach lover, you won't be disappointed, it's a large, well looked after beach with a selection of bars along the front, if you're looking for a day drink, head to Tiki Beach, the famous beach bar which is known for it's lively parties. You can also sit on the beach just outside and they deliver Sex on The Beach and other cocktails to your sunbed, it's usually 2 for €10.

So, in a nutshell, Benidorm is a crazy place but offers the best of both worlds. The thing I loved about this place is there was a mixture of ages, from seniors salsa dancing in the sea-front bars, hen and stags and 18-25 year olds, Benidorm really does have something for everyone. To put it simply, the weather is amazing, the beers cheap, the fun never stops and I honestly can't wait to go back.

Welcome to the dedicated Disney section of my blog! You’re probably here as you’re a fan of Disney yourself or you’re planning a holiday of a lifetime to Walt Disney World, this section is all about Disney, Universal Studios and anything/everything related to your Florida vacay.

I’ve decided to set up this section as I have so much to talk about when it comes to Florida, so it would be way easier to put everything here so it’s easy to find.

Each week I’ll be discussing a topic revolved around Florida, whether it’s the latest Disney news, my favourite rides at Universal or Best Places to Eat, this dedicated page is home to all things Sunshine State!

Kicking off the blog, I’d like to talk about Magic Kingdom since it’s the most popular and busiest park. The centre of the park revolves around the iconic Cinderella’s castle, where come nightfall, there are spectacular fireworks displays and 3-D projections for a 360 degree view for all to enjoy.

Magic Kingdom was the first park to have been built in Walt Disney World, there are six different lands which hold a glorious selection of rides and attractions to suit the whole family, Magic Kingdom is one of my favourite as it’s the one which definitely has the most Disney-vibe to it, although it’s not a great park for those looking for thrill roller coasters, it’s certainly one that you don’t want to miss.

The first land in Magic Kingdom is Main Street USA, a beautiful yet busy street showing the all-American town, in the distance you will see Cinderella’s Castle in all its glory and is the perfect view for the firework display, just make sure you get there early! There is a selection of shops and goodies on Main Street USA, including an authentic barber shop where you can actually get your haircut, plus many authentic Disney shops to bag the best souvenirs.

Just to the right of Main Street USA, you’ll find yourself in Tomorrowland, a land which has been inspired by futuristic design and plays homage to a galactic community and was designed to look like future. Here you’ll find the famous Space Mountain ride and a selection of other attractions.

Next up is Fantasyland, like stepping into your very own fairytale, this land looks like the perfect Disney inspired village, with rides such as Peter Pan’s Flight and other fairytale inspired attractions, the little one’s will love this land, you’ll also find a selection of food and drink options if you’re looking for a bite to eat.

If it’s the Wild West you’re after, then Frontierland is the place to be, get your thrills on Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain, Frontierland also comes with its very own log cabins and saloon bars.

Adventureland is next on the list, home to the much-loved Pirates of the Caribbean ride, this section of the park is part tropical island, part jungle. There is also the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse which you can explore at your leisure and let’s not forget the Cruise down the river Nile (this is particularly good when the sun has gone down).
Magic Kingdom also has a selection of parades which are held at numerous times throughout the day, make note of the parade times so you can get a good seat, as being stuck in the parade crowds can be hectic. However, it’s also a good time to get in line for the busier rides, you can also get book in allocated time slots on fast-pass through the My Disney Experience app, inside the app you can access parade times, character meetings and view real-time wait times.

Credit: Disney Parks

A must-see fireworks experience is the Wishes Fireworks display, just make sure you get a good spot as this is a popular attraction, a little tip, make sure you go towards the park exist as the crowds can be overwhelming when leaving the park. You may have to wait a while to get back to the car park, so plan your exit as smoothly as possible.

Character meetings are a huge part of the Disney experience and scheduling times can be viewed on the app as mentioned above, the bigger the character the more queues so be prepared to wait in line if you’re looking for a specific someone, plan in advance as the Florida heat can be overwhelming.


Magic Kingdom is the best Disney park for the ultimate Disney fans and really transports you into the Disney universe, although not a huge thrill-seekers park, Magic Kingdom is definitely an amazing experience and really sets the tone for the other Disney Parks.

Have you been to Magic Kingdom? Please leave any comments and questions below!

G x
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