21 June 2018

How to keep your tan for longer

How annoying is it when you get from your holiday and look like a tanned Goddess for a maximum of 10 days and then the dreading peeling begins. We've all been there, trying so hard to keep up with the summer glow but with little results. 

However, here's some top tips to help you preserve your tan for longer and hopefully keep you looking like a glowing Goddess until your next vacay!

1. Drink lots of water 
Your skin needs some H20 in order to keep it hydrated, this is an important factor in maintaining your tan for longer and a step not to be underestimated. 

2. Hydrate your skin 
Along with water, you need to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated, the main reason for peeling is when the skin cells become dead, your skin can only produce a certain amount of melanin a day (this is what makes your skin go darker) and preserving the skin using moisturiser is a key factor. If you can, moisturise your skin once or even twice a day, you can also use a tinted moisturiser to keep up your tanned look. (I've linked my must-have gradual tan at the bottom of this blog post!) 

3. Tan-friendly food 
Believe it or not, some foods can help keep your tan. To help maintain your tan, try and eat foods such as carrots, sweet potato and spinach. These foods contain beta-carotene and all help keep that glow!

4. Avoid waxing and shaving 
Unfortunately, shaving or waxing when you have a tan can be tricky. By removing the hairs on your skin, you're also removing the skin cells which got you the tan in the first place! So if you can help it, go easy on this for a while. 

5. Avoid Peeling
Direct exposure to the sun without using the right protection can be dangerous, so make sure you always use suncream when tanning, this will avoid getting burnt and we all knows what happens once your skin is burnt, you peel. If you're a sucker for a tanning oil (like myself), make sure you check the SPF as some are very low. 

If you have any other tips & tricks on how to keep your tan for longer, make sure you leave them in the comments box below! 

G x 


20 June 2018

4 Luxury hotels I want to visit

I'm kicking off hump day with a count down of 4 luxury hotels I want to visit someday! (A girl can dream...) 

Tropicana Suites Ibiza

I wouldn't say this is up there with top luxury, but the Tropicana Suites in Ibiza caught my eye when I saw the art-deco architecture and brightly coloured decor. Luckily, this hotel is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Ibiza and you have the option to wind-down whilst you relax amongst a brightly decorated pool area whilst sipping on fresh cocktails. 

Half-Moon Resort, Jamaica 

This caught my eye when famous Influencer Sarah Ashcroft visited this resort, the grounds are immaculate and are situated right on the beach. The resort even has it's own ranch where you can arrange to go horse-riding on the beach, where do I book? 

Finolhu, Maldives 

This hotel is amazing! Situated in the heart of the blue ocean in the Maldives, this is both relaxed and party with annual full moon parties on sight and selection of bars and restaurants to keep you entertained, the retro yet modern design is the perfect mix of luxury. 

Amankila Hotel, Bali

Major Jungle Book vibes with this beautiful hotel, situated in the rice-fields of Bali and overlooking a volcanic beach, this hotel is the perfect place for nature lovers. With on-site spa treatments using local ingredients, this hotel matches luxurious leisure with the love of nature. 

These hotel's are a cut above the rest and are each unique, offering four different types of holidays. I don't know about you, but I have major holiday blues after that. Now the real question is, where do I book? 

Let me know if you've visited any of these amazing hotels! I'd love to hear your experiences!

G x


1 June 2018

Center Parcs vs Forest Holidays

Sometimes, you just wanna get away and sometimes, you can't afford to escape the U.K, luckily, the United Kingdom has a lot of things to when you're looking for the perfect staycation. 

In this post, I'll cover the pros and cons of Forest Holidays and Center Parcs and provide some clarity on Britain's much-loved lodge holidays... 

So both places are amazing, but there's good and bad points for both, which should be highlighted, I'll start with Center Parcs as I recently visited their Nottingham site over the March Bank Holiday Weekend. 

Deep in the Nottingham Countryside, Center Parcs is situated in the middle of Sheerwood Forest, famous for being the home of Robin Hood. If you have never been to Center Parcs before, they offer a selection of activities, food and drink as well as log cabins hidden in the wilderness. 

Center Parcs

Credit: Woodland Lodges from www.centerparcs.co.uk

Let's start with the pros:

Center Parcs is a reputable company and is loved by many across the U.K, there are various locations situated across the country, so you're not stuck with just one site, locations include Cumbria, Wiltshire and Ireland. 

There's so much to do - If you're the adventurous type, you can fill your boots with the amazing and exciting activities that are on the site, this includes kayaking, high ropes, and caving. Activities are both inside and outside so you can choose depending on the weather. 

They're Subtropical Paradise is fab - In each location, there is a Subtropical Paradise which is a indoor swimming pool complete with waterslides and is constantly set at 25 degrees. If you want to feel like you're abroad, then going here might make that a possibility, oh and it's completely free of charge to use. 

Various Wildlife to see - Being in the middle of a forest has it's perks, you're likely to be visited by animals including owls, deer and squirrels running around your lodges. 

Bikes - You can hire bikes (totally worth it) for the weekend for £30, Center Parcs has a strict no cars policy to keep the site eco-friendly and peaceful. If you don't like walking, I'd recommend looking into getting a bike for the weekend. 

Bars & Restaurants - Another thing I love is the site has a variety of food and drink options, such as a sports bar, American grill and Italian. Some places may vary depending on the site, so always check on the website. But if you want to escape the lodge for a bit then this is deffo a plus. 

The cons... 

Activities usually get booked up - Unless you're quick, you might not get the chance to do your favourite activity, book well in advance if you fancy doing something to pass the time.

You have to pay for extras - Activities are not included in the price of the stay (which isn't cheap btw) and you may see yourself spending a small fortune if you want to get involved in everything.

Lodges are quite basic - The lodge we stayed in previously has always been a standard cabin, however the Sheerwood lodges are attached to one another and you loose that sense of seclusion. They're also a little small, if you want to enjoy the luxury of a hot tub, then you may have to take out a bank loan.

Forest Holidays 

Credit: Silver Birch Cabin from forestholidays.co.uk 

The Pros 

The lodges are much nicer - The lodges at Forest Holidays are amazing compared to Center Parcs, they are all equipped with a hot tub and included in the price. 

Site is much smaller - This may be a con for some, but there's nothing better than being in the middle of a beautiful forest with no neighbours near by, the lodges are nicely set apart from each other and really give that feeling of 'being at one with nature.' 

On site shop - There's a cute convenience store on site which is open daily, we stayed in  the Sheerwood Forest site and North Yorkshire, both had a shop which sold everything you needed. 

Great Locations - There seem to be more sites for Forest Holidays, which is good for people dotted around the country, places include Scotland, Snowdonia, Hampshire, Cornwall and Norfolk. They have sites in a total of 10 locations.

The Cons

Not much to do -  The only con for these sites are they are very small and secluded, but this can be limited if you're not willing to explore your surroundings, we explored Whitby and went on days out when we stayed at both locations, so it's really up to you how you spend you're time, but compared to the bars and restaurant options at Center Parcs, there's nothing like that here. 


Both places are amazing, but it depends on what you're looking for, for activities galore then Center Parcs is likely for you, however Forest Holidays gives you the option to explore areas outside your lodge and jump into a hot tub after a long day out, Sheerwood Forest also has Go Ape which is £30 and is around 2 hours zip-wiring through tree tops, so bare that in mind if you're stuck between the two!

Please leave a comment below if you've been to either of these places and what you think!


5 May 2018

Why You Need To Visit Warsaw

Warsaw or known in Polish as Warszawa, is the capital of Poland, often overlooked by it's sistering city, Krakow, Warsaw is rich in history and in nightlife, need I go on? 

If you decide to visit Warsaw, then you'll find yourself greeted by statues of mermaid's and while I know everyone loves a mermaid or two, there's actually a really interesting reason behind it... The legend of the Warsaw Mermaid goes as follows: A mermaid who was swimming in the sea, stopped on the riverbank near the Old Town, she loved the place so much that she decided to stay, two fishermen came to wonder why the river was making such huge waves, they also noticed that something was catching their fish and then releasing them from the nets, they went to investigate, which is where they found the mermaid, upon hearing her beautiful singing, they both fell in love with her. However, a rich merchant decided to capture the mermaid and trapped her in a wooden hut, but after hearing her distinct cry, a young fisherman and his friends went to go and release her, soon after, she declared that she would help any fishermen who needed it. Ever since, the Mermaid has been seen armed with a sword and shield, ready to protect her beloved city. 

There are other stories too which say that one fishermen named Wars, captured the mermaid and instantly fell in love with her, her name being Szawa (Warsaw) - Which is how the city got the name. 


Warsaw is rich in culture and there's plenty of things to do for all you museum lovers. Warsaw was completely rebuilt after it got destroyed during the Second World War, however the beautiful, Gothic architecture is one to be admired, with pretty pastel buildings giving it that ultimate European feel. 

Popular museums include:

Warsaw Uprising Museum 

Chopin Museum 
Museum of the History of Polish Jews
Copernicus Science Centre

Food & Drink 

The food in Warsaw is quite similar to German, however we tried the speciality food which included home-made dumplings and sausage, 

They drink A LOT of vodka, so if that's you're thing then knock yourself out (literally). Food and drink is so cheap here, along with everything else, a meal for two including 4 drinks cost around 15 Polish złoty - so that's around £4-£5 in the U.K.

In terms of bars and clubs, the New Town has everything from Casinos, bars and nightclubs, drinks cost around 15 złoty which is really nothing compared to the U.K - there is also a huge shopping mall which includes the Hard Rock Cafe, M.A.C, Bershka etc. 

Also, we realised that everywhere is still open on Sundays! Unlike the U.K, where everything shuts early. 


This was my first time staying in a hostel and I was soooo nervous! I didn't have a clue what to expect, but we managed to get a private room with ensuite, I have to say, it was a really good experience and we paid roughly £150 for 3 nights (between two). 

I have to say, I was expecting a little more people to be staying here and it didn't really give me the whole hostel experience that I was expecting, but considering that we stayed in January, then it was still pretty busy. I can imagine that during the summer it gets really packed in there! 

There is free WIFI, a common room with complimentary tea and coffee and a cafe which as a bar downstairs, they had an organised evening for those staying at the hostel when we went, so if you're staying on your own then this is a great way to meet some fellow travellers. 

We stayed at the Oki Doki Hostel in the Old Town, so if you're going solo or just looking for somewhere where there's a possibility to make friends, then click here. 


Poland is really cheap and you'll be able to enjoy this beautiful city without breaking the bank, the food is amazing and you can easily pick up a cheap bite to eat without worrying about what you're spending. Of course, eating in places like the Hard Rock Cafe is going to cost you a bit more, but it's still probably cheaper than back home. 

We managed to walk to most places, but if you're feeling lazy they do have Uber (just be aware that it's not as fancy as back in the U.K) and getting around the town cost us about £6. 

Overall Verdict 

Warsaw is definitely a hidden treasure, much missed off the list thanks to Krakow, this stunning city has everything you need, from culture, shopping, food and night-life. It's cheaply priced beer and accommodation is perfect for back-packers or those looking for a last-minute city break. 

I'd love to come back to this amazing place and experience it during summer! 

Leave a comment below if you've been here :-) 

G x


17 April 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Florida!

Anyone who knows me, will know how much I am obsessed with Florida, Orlando to be exact and with Florida on the brain for the past month, I thought I'd do a blog covering everything you need to know on Orlando including the best parks, where to stay and when to go, so carry on reading if you wanna find out the 411...

Why Orlando?
If you're a theme park addict like myself, then Orlando is the perfect place for thrill seekers alike, it's home to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios as well as Busch Gardens which is just outside of Tampa. Oh and SeaWorld, but we won't be mentioning that topic here... 

Not to mention, Florida is known as 'The Sunshine State' which means that it's basically hot all year round and your more than likely guaranteed good weather whenever you go. 

Is it for everyone? 
Even if you're not a big fan of rides, I'd still recommend giving it a go, if you're not a thrill seeker, there's still plenty of other stuff to stick your teeth into! 

The Parks 
Prepare for this section - it's looooong 

Walt Disney World 
Disney is every kids dream, from meeting your favourite princesses to seeing Cinderella's Castle up close and personal, Disney transports you into their universe and even if you're not a huge Disney fan, you can't help but feel the magic of these incredible parks. Walt Disney World is a huge resort, from a variety of hotels to ESPN and Downtown Disney, there's a selection of things to do for everyone. Here's a rough breakdown of the Disney parks and what to expect: 

Magic Kingdom - The most popular and probably most iconic of the parks, this is more for children and lacks thrill rides, however it's probably the most Disney-fied out of the lot as it's the home of Cinderella's Castle. Rides here include: Space Mountain, It's A Small World, The Haunted Mansion,  Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean. 
Tip: See the Wishes Fireworks display & visit the park in the evening 

Animal Kingdom - One of my favourite parks, Animal Kingdom has recently opened Pandora: The World of Avatar which features a brand new ride (can't wait to go on this one!), it's also home to Expedition Everest, Dinosaur, Kali River Rapids and Prime Evil Whirl. The thrill levels in this park vary so I do think you'll find something for everyone here. 
Tip: If you're looking to see some animals, go on the Kilimanjaro Safari where you can see real animals including lions, hippos and giraffes.

Hollywood Studios - Another one of my faves, Hollywood Studios is a behind the scenes of Disney and this includes a back lot tour of movie magic (double check if this one is still here), Hollywood Tower of Terror, Star Wars and of course, Rock n' Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith. Again, thrill levels at this park are varied and you'll find something for all ages, they are also opening a Toy Story Land in late June 2018. 
Tip: Wanna get out of the sun? Go and see one of Disney's amazing stunt shows!

EPCOT - Also stands for Every Person Comes Out Tired... kidding. EPCOT actually stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, which Walt Disney actually came up with himself, he wanted to build a park which was revolved around technology and new tomorrow's. EPCOT is a weird one, as it's split up into countries, which include a variety of different attractions and food, based on the country. Countries include: Mexico, United Kingdom, Norway and China. The attractions are pretty mediocre and this theme park is more of an experience as a whole, although I highly recommend going on Soarin' and Test Track. 
Tip: Adults - Bar crawl your way through EPCOT and try a beer in every country! (Remember, drinking age is 21)

Overwhelmed yet? It's okay, just hang in there... 

Disney also has two water parks named Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach - If you're going in the Winter, make sure you check their opening times. 

Now, let's more on to Universal Studios!

Universal Studios Resort 

Two parks, more amazing rides and the ultimate place for thrill seekers! The home of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and this resort is without a doubt my favourite place to visit!

Universal Studios - The home of E.T, Harry Potter's Diagon Alley and the Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket, The Mummy Returns and Shrek 4-D, this park takes you through the streets of Hollywood and transports you into the world of movie's. The best place for a variety of thrill rides and experiences, including Despicable Me! Here you will also find the Wizarding World of Harry Potter which includes the streets of London, Diagon Alley and the Knight Bus! 
Tip: Start of in this park first, get on the Hogwarts Express at Kings Cross Station and head to the other park on an actual steam train!

Islands of Adventure - This park is, in my opinion, the best out of the two, as it plays homage to Jurassic Park, Toon Land including Pop Eye's River Barges and Hogwarts / Hogsmeade. It's the best out of the two for thrill rides and rollercoasters, including the Hulk! Also, I highly recommend going on Spider-Man as it's one of my favourites!
Tip: To skip the queues and avoid paying a ton of money for a FastPass, join the single riders queues, especially for all Harry Potter rides as they don't accept them on these attractions!

I'd also suggest buying a wand, as they are interactive around locations in the Harry Potter sections... 

When To Go: 

Think wisely here people, Florida is known as 'The Sunshine State' which is a clear indicator that it's hot whenever you go, however, if you go during the peak of summer, bare in mind that you're gonna be hot and sweaty whilst walking around theme parks = not enjoyable. Although everywhere is air-conditioned, you'll struggle to enjoy yourself in the humidity, plus, you'll likely encounter a thunderstorm everyday. 
Easter is a great time to go as it's not too hot but hot enough to feel like you're getting a tan and don't want to die of heat exhaustion, however October is probably the best time as it's cool but still hot enough to enjoy the sun and feel like you're on holiday! Plus, the crowds will have died down by this time of year (but I can't promise it won't be busy!) 

Where To Stay: 

Universal Studios Resort is home to some amazing hotels, food and entertainment, they have a selection of bars, clubs and even a cinema on site if you're getting sick and tired of the theme parks!

Disney has a hugeeee number of hotels for everyone's needs - The hotels are varied in price so I suggest checking them out on the Disney website to see what you're looking for. 

You can also stay in a villa, which is great as you probably save money on food and have access to a private pool, I'd suggest staying in a gated community as they're more safe and secure! Driving in America is crucial as everything is dotted about and isn't in walking distance, so if you can drive, then it'll deffo save you the hassle of getting buses / cabs everywhere! 

Here's some things to look out for while you're at Disney!

  • You can actually dine in Cinderella's Castle or the Be Our Guest restaurant where you can meet the Beast, just make sure you make a reservation waaaay in advance (fees apply). 
  • On Main street USA in Magic Kingdom, look above the Fire Station and see if you can find the lamp that never turns off, this was Walt Disney's secret apartment and the lamp remains constantly on as a reminder of his memory. 
  • The Haunted Mansion - Apparently if you see the board waiting time and it says 13 minute wait, then head right over, it means there is no queue! Same with the Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios.

And that's that! I hope I covered everything and I've convinced you to book that trip to Florida that you've always wanted to go on! If you have any questions, suggestions or stories about your trip, leave em in the comments! 


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