19 October 2017

When In Rome

My last adventure of the year ended in the beautiful city of Rome, a belated birthday gift we spent a long weekend exploring the ancient Roman ruins and sipping wine in the sun. 

This is everything you need to know about Rome!

We flew to Rome Ciampino from Manchester, which is probably the smallest airport I've ever been to (minus Cornwall), we then got a bus to the Metro station and from then into the centre. The journey took us about an hour to get to our hotel, but I'd say working out how to use the Metro is pretty easy. You can buy tickets from the machines and they're relatively cheap, very similar to the Tubes in London and they are a quick solution to get you from A to B in a hurry. 

Our hotel was lovely, classic Italian architecture and decor was all that could be seen, a refreshing stay compared to modern hotels these days. Our hotel was called Hotel Quirinale and was a stones throw away from the Coliseum and the Trevi Fountain and all of Rome's hot spots (it was also opposite a McDonald's which in my eyes is always a plus)... 

The question I bet you're dying to know is how cheap was Rome? With horror stories about how expensive Rome was, I was pleasantly surprised with the prices here. I'm not saying it was cheap, but it definitely wasn't as expensive as everyone makes out to be. You were paying the normal prices for a cocktail as you would in a club in a UK bar. 

We took around $600 euro between us, which lasted us for three days, including everything. I'd say this is enough but it depends on what you're doing. My Number 1 tip would be find hidden gems rather than mainstream restaurants and bars, if you wish to eat in a beautiful square, then be prepared for sh*t food and hefty price tags. 

Our those who love a good cocktail or two, we stumbled across a bar named The Drunken Ship, a great little place which sells good cocktails and beer, they also have a student offer and is fun for meeting new people, especially if you're a lone traveller or backpacking around Europe. 

The Coliseum and the Vatican - This is obviously a must-see experience, I mean when in Rome, you can't avoid visiting these two famous places. I highly suggest booking your tickets online before you go as you get to skip the queue and it saves you waiting in line, those lines can get out of hand. The Vatican experience we had included entry to the Sistine Chapel, which again, is a must-see. 

My only critique is I did feel like this city was a little run-down in places, when you stepped away from the tourist hot-spots, there was a lot of rubbish and graffiti everywhere, not to mention the weird men who were harassing you constantly to buy things. No, I do not want a fidget spinner. 

Over-all, Rome is a quick-stop destination that is good for culture, food and having a good time. I wouldn't return as I feel like once you've done it, then you couldn't really go back but hey, I wouldn't say no to a free trip. This Italian city definitely has it's charms and I am super grateful I got to experience it as my belated 21st gift! 

If you've been to Rome or thinking of taking a trip, comment below. 

Until next time,

G x 

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