7 January 2018

Highlights of 2017

Since 2017 has officially come to an end, I thought I'd review my 2017. 
I've managed to visit a handful of places this year and I'm super grateful to have seen places I've never been before! 

The first stop of the year was in January when myself and my friends went to Amsterdam for the first time, I definitely fell in love with the way of life here and it's probably one of my favourite places to date. There's a great vibe here and plenty of things to keep you busy. 

My second trip was in March went I stayed local and went to the Lake District for a weekend away in a log cabin equipped with a hot tub. I'd recommend staying here if you fancy a quick but affordable getaway in the U.K, there's plenty to do and the site had it's own pub and entertainment. (All dog friendly might I add)!

In May, I finally got to visit Cyprus, a place I've always wanted to visit as I am absolutely obsessed with Greece and heard it's very similar, I stayed here for 10 days and the weather was amazing along with Cyprus itself. The food is unreal and if you love authentic Cypriot, then it's deffo a place I'd recommend. I stayed in Paphos which is basically like the U.K but with sun. It's fully equipped with English road signs, schools and even a shopping centre which has M&S haha! 

The harbour is beautiful and has everything you need, Paphos is also extremely cultured and there is lot's of things to see/do, if you don't fancy lounging by the pool all day. 

In June, it was my 21st birthday and my parents surprised me with a trip to The Warner Brothers Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter, which is something I've alwaaaays wanted to do! It was such a good experience and if your a HP lover like myself, go and see it! I even got to open the doors to the Great Hall because it was my birthday (fangirl moment)... We stayed in cute thatched cottage in Cambridge and thankfully the weather was unreal too! 

Back to Amsterdam again! My friend and I decided to take another visit to the Netherlands in August and experience Amsterdam in the summer, despite it raining on one of the days, the weather was actually really good. We went on the Heineken Experience, which is about 16 euro. You get three free drinks while you're there and get to chill out on the rooftop bar. 

September, I got to visit Geneva in Switzerland for a trip with work. We held an exclusive pop-up event in a hotel for the weekend, but also got to experience Geneva first hand. The nightlife here isn't great and it's really expensive, so bare that in mind if you've been interested in going. However, Geneva is a beautiful place and gives you a countryside feel, as you're surrounded by a gigantic lake and stunning mountains. 

And finally, Rome!
Another place ticked off my list, I've been wanting to go here forever and I finally went in mid-September, the weather was incredible. I feel like I would've liked to of spent more time exploring here as we only went for a long weekend, however it was still a beautiful place and to see the Coliseum and Vatican up close and personal was one to tick off my bucket list. Plus, I got to eat pizza, ice cream and drink wine for an entire weekend. Who wouldn't want that? 

And so another year of travels comes to an end. Don't worry, I've already got my next lot lined up for 2018... Can't wait to see what this year has in store! 


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