20 June 2018

4 Luxury hotels I want to visit

I'm kicking off hump day with a count down of 4 luxury hotels I want to visit someday! (A girl can dream...) 

Tropicana Suites Ibiza

I wouldn't say this is up there with top luxury, but the Tropicana Suites in Ibiza caught my eye when I saw the art-deco architecture and brightly coloured decor. Luckily, this hotel is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Ibiza and you have the option to wind-down whilst you relax amongst a brightly decorated pool area whilst sipping on fresh cocktails. 

Half-Moon Resort, Jamaica 

This caught my eye when famous Influencer Sarah Ashcroft visited this resort, the grounds are immaculate and are situated right on the beach. The resort even has it's own ranch where you can arrange to go horse-riding on the beach, where do I book? 

Finolhu, Maldives 

This hotel is amazing! Situated in the heart of the blue ocean in the Maldives, this is both relaxed and party with annual full moon parties on sight and selection of bars and restaurants to keep you entertained, the retro yet modern design is the perfect mix of luxury. 

Amankila Hotel, Bali

Major Jungle Book vibes with this beautiful hotel, situated in the rice-fields of Bali and overlooking a volcanic beach, this hotel is the perfect place for nature lovers. With on-site spa treatments using local ingredients, this hotel matches luxurious leisure with the love of nature. 

These hotel's are a cut above the rest and are each unique, offering four different types of holidays. I don't know about you, but I have major holiday blues after that. Now the real question is, where do I book? 

Let me know if you've visited any of these amazing hotels! I'd love to hear your experiences!

G x


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