26 July 2018

Disney Guide: EPCOT

Well well well, we've reached the end of the Walt Disney World theme park guide, it's okay, don't worry, there's plenty of Disney related stuff to be continued! 

The last stop on our Disney Guide is EPCOT, known for it's giant looking golf ball, which is actually the ride Spaceship Earth, EPCOT is a weird one, it's not necessarily a theme park as such, I'd describe it as more of an experience as a whole, due to it's different cultural experiences. 

So, what does EPCOT stand for? EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, EPCOT was based on the idealistic vision of the future which Walt Disney designed himself. Of course, you've guessed it, this park is also divided into lands however it's a bit different to the usual set up. 

EPCOT is split into Future World and World Showcase, Future World is based on the ideal and inspiration of the future, featuring technology revolved attractions including Spaceship Earth. Then we have World Showcase, this is split into 11 pavilions which represent different countries, in these pavilions you will find different attractions, food and entertainment which represent each country. The countries include: 
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • Canada
  • Japan 
  • Germany 
  • Italy 
  • Norway 
  • Mexico 
  • United States
  • Morocco
Highlights include: The Beatles band playing in the band stand in United Kingdom (and the traditional English pub), the Grand Fiesta Tour, Soarin', Test Track and Frozen. 

The amount of detail that has gone into the creation of the countries is impressive, you can even book into one of the many restaurants and get a taste of the local cuisine, we have previously ate at the Moroccan and Italian. Plan ahead and make sure you book in advance as they get so busy!

China Pavillion

Mexico Pavillion 

The main attractions for EPCOT include Spaceship Earth which is a journey back 40,000 years to see how technology has advanced, Soarin' is a 3-D simulator which takes you on a tour of the world, including the Great Wall of China and Sydney's Opera House. If it's speed your looking for, then head over to Test Track, a high intensity 65mph car ride as you 'test' out the car, including 50 degree curves and 3-stories high scale hills, this is one for the adrenaline junkie.

Character meet and greets are also included in this park and include old favourites such as Anna and Elsa, Belle, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland. They also put on an impressive fireworks display named Illuminations: Reflections of the Earth and is held over the lake on the World Showcase, I'd highly recommend checking this display out as it's on parr with the Wishes display at Magic Kingdom.

ECPOT is less theme park and more experience as it gives you a glimpse into the future and takes you on a tour around the world, you can try food and drink from different cultures without stepping foot out of the Disney! Also, don't forget to visit Club Cool where you can try a variety of different fizzy drink flavours around the world, including Zimbabwe, South Africa and Peru, don't forget to try the terrible tasting Beverly drink, a known challenge in the world of EPCOT! 

Until next time! 

G xx 

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