18 July 2018


It’s that time again… #WANDERLUSTWEDNESDAY is here! And today I’m gonna be talking about a place where I am so desperate to go it hurts! This place is the birth of jazz music, the famous French Quarter and let’s not forget voodoo! That’s right, I’m talking about New Orleans…

Considering that I’m a hardcore Ghost Adventures fan, I am completely obsessed with anything to do with ghosts, hauntings and anything weird and creepy really… Hence the reason why this historical town is one of the top places to go on my list. For those American Horror Story fans, you’ll know that Coven was actually filmed in New Orleans and you can stay in the Coven house and even visit Madame Lalaurie’s house.

Now if you’re into really creepy sh*t, you can go on a voodoo tour, including visiting the grave of the legendary voodoo queen herself, Marie Laveua, people apparently leave offerings at her grave all year round in hope of gaining her favour. There is even the New Orleans Museum of Voodoo where you can get the real New Orleans experience.

Moving away from ghosts and ghouls, New Orleans has an impressive music culture, being the home of Jazz music, a must-stop place is Fritzel’s European Jazz where the building has been around for 200 years! Let’s not forget to mention Bourbon Street, quite possibly the most famous street in the French Quarter, here is where you’ll find all the best watering holes such as Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, which dates back to 1772 as well as The Absinthe House, originally built in 1806 and used to be a family-owned importing firm.

Can I also talk about Mardi Gras, for those who don’t know, Mardi Gras is a South Louisiana tradition and takes place in New Orleans in a giant carnival form, usually held around Lent and Shrove Tuesday and is a massive celebration in the city!

New Orleans boasts a variety of historic and interesting sights to see and what appeals to me about this city is the huge mix of things to do! Including a variety of museum tours, swamp tours in great outdoors or getting a taste of hearty New Orleans gumbo, this magical city has the best of three: History, booze and jazz… Where do I book?

Been to New Orleans? Share your tips & must-see things below!

Until next time,

G xx

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