24 August 2018

Disney World's Worst Kept Secrets

Probably the most famous and most instantly recognised theme park in the world, Walt Disney World has strict rules and secrets that helps set the park from the rest and creating a magical experience for all it's guests. Here are my favourite worst kept secrets from WDW and what you should know before you visit. 

1. You can actually stay in Cinderella's Castle

... Only if you're a celebrity or a contestant winner. That's right, there is in fact a secret room in Cinderella's Castle which is known as the Cinderella Castle Suite, the suite is only used for competition winners, celebs or other special occasions. This lavish and dreamy hotel suite is complete with Cinderella themed stained glass windows, a mirror which turns into a TV and a bath tub with it's very own starry sky. 

2. They pump smells into the park

Ever walked down Main Street U.S.A and instantly caught a whiff of popcorn or the smell of baked cookies? That's because the park is filled with tiny air vents that fill the air with glorious Disney-inspired smells to add to the enchanted experience. 

3. You can't see beyond the land you're in

To keep the Disney magic alive, when you're in a land, you won't be able to hear, or see any other lands, the idea behind this is so you feel completely immersed and transported into the world you're in and feel like you're on a genuine adventure. 

4. The Brown swirling path in Liberty Square represents sewage

Yep, Disney is dedicated to creating accurate representations of different lands, which means that Liberty Square is meant to be set in the Colonial times and unfortunately, they didn't have any pipes and drains to get rid of all that nasty stuff. So, the brown swirling path is actually meant to represent poop. There are also no bathrooms in this area of the park, apart from the one's in the restaurants. 

5. Human Remains are popular here 

Believe it or not, people used to scatter ashes in WDW and the most popular ride was The Haunted Mansion, as if it couldn't get creepy enough right? Disney had a major crack down on this and even hired staff to stop people leaving their loved one's permanently behind.

6. Do you believe in Ghosts?

During the construction of the very loved Pirates of the Caribbean ride, a staff member named George was killed. Rumours have it that people believe that the ghost of George haunts the ride and out of respect (and superstition), cast members say 'Goodnight George' at the end of closing. 

7. There are secret tunnels everywhere 

In order to keep the magic alive, secret tunnels were placed underneath the park for cast members to disappear to, this to keep guests from seeing characters when they're not in full costume. I mean, nobody wants to see Mickey Mouse without a head. 

8. Looking for a straw in Animal Kingdom? 

In order to keep the animals safe, guests are not given straws or cup lids in this park. They either don't trust the animals or more likely, don't trust the guests. 

9. Disney World is the size of San Francisco 

That's a pretty big theme park, if you've been to Walt Disney World in Orlando, you'll know that once you go under the iconic Disney sign, the road signs suddenly turn to a Disney purple and your officially in the grounds of WDW. 40 square mile of the resort is actually conservation land. 

10. It would take a lifetime to stay in all the hotels

Apparently, if you wanted to spend one night in all the hotels, it would take you 68 years. Anyone up for a challenge? 

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