7 August 2018

How to Survive On a Long Haul Flight

Flying long haul can be tedious and let's face it, incredibly boring. Although you're probably jetting off to somewhere amazing, the prospect of sitting still for a long period of time can be daunting for most people and it's important to stay occupied throughout your flight so it doesn't feel like you've been sitting on a plane for a lifetime. These top tips will have you feeling fresh and keep you busy as you fly above the clouds. 


Usually for long-haul flights, the airline will allow you to take a carry-on bag with you on your flight, for long-haul, make sure your bag is big enough to carry all your essentials in. For short flights, I tend to stick to a cross-body bag which is small enough to put under my seat or carry on my person. For longer flights, a tote bag or backpack is ideal and can be stored under your seat or in the over-head lockers. 

If you flying for business or have a lot of equipment such as cameras / laptop, then I'd suggest bringing a sturdy backpack with extra zips and pocket compartments. 

Most airlines have a weight limit on these bags, so be sure to check before you board. 

Freshen Up

Flying can take it's toll on your skin and often leaves you feeling not so fresh. I always suffer from dry skin and lips on flights and feel really grotty after I get off. To avoid this, pack some skin essentials in your hand luggage including: 

Tooth brush / Small tube of tooth-paste 
Mints / Chewing Gum 
Hair Brush / Bobble 

If you're taking any liquids including tooth-paste, Vaseline or mascara, make sure they don't exceed 100ml. 

I'd advise freshening up about 1 hour - 30 mins before landing to avoid the last-minute toilet queues. 

In-Flight Entertainment 

Long haul flights can feel endless, which is why filling your time with something is important. Usually most long haul flights will offer in-flight entertainment which includes a selection of films, TV programmes and music channels. Of course, you can always use your iPhone / tablet etc to listen to music. 

If you want to watch a film on your own device, make sure you directly download it a few days before as you won't be able to have access to the network. If you're an avid Spotify listener, the same goes, make sure you download all your songs so they play in aeroplane mode. 

You can also use flying to learn a new skill such as a language (many apps such as Duolingo) are available in aeroplane mode, take a diary or journal, have a selection of books to read or adult colouring books can be extremely relaxing, especially if you're a nervous flyer.

Get some shut eye 

I can not sleep on planes at all! It's the most frustrating thing when you're absolutely exhausted and can't seem to get to sleep. For those who struggle like myself, it helps to pack some essential items just in case you feel like visiting the land of nod. 

I would recommend taking an eye-mask to block the light out, some ear plugs to distract yourself from any crying babies and an inflatable neck-pillow. All which can be purchased in the airport but you're probably better hopping on Amazon and finding one for half the price. 

If you also have trouble sleeping, then I suggest taking a sleep aid such as Nytol tablet or sleeping spray, alcohol also helps me get to sleep, but be sure not to have too much as you tend to become more dehydrated due to low air pressure. 

Stay Hydrated 

This leads me on to how important it is to stay hydrated whilst flying, as I mentioned before, flying can really dehydrate not only your whole body but also your skin too. Try and skip out the in-flight Cosmopolitans and stick to water instead!

What to Wear 

I will never understand how some women can attend a long haul flight dressed to the nines in a pair of heels and a fancy outfit. This may seem like an obvious one, but make sure you wear something comfortable like leggings or joggers, I prefer to wear slip on shoes so I can take them off and put on some flight socks, I also take a jumper / cardigan as I find that planes get really cold. You can also use this as a pillow / blanket when you fancy a nap. 

If you have enough room in your carry on, then I would suggest taking an outfit change for when you land, if I'm flying from Manchester, I'll fly out in leggings and put shorts in my bag so I can change into them before we land and vice versa. 

Some airlines give out socks, blankets and pillows so be sure to look out for these in-flight as they will make your journey so much more comfortable!

Last but Not Least!

Before you fly, make sure your passport is in date (obvs) and that you have all the required travel documents with you. Some places require that you fill out an immigration form before arrival, this is usually done in-flight, so it might be worth taking a pen or two as the aircraft may run out! 

If you have any suggestions or tips, please leave your comments below!

Georgia xx


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