10 August 2018

What to pack in your hand-luggage

Packing can be stressful right? With all the questions running through your mind of how many pairs of knickers do I need? What if it rains? And do I really need those ten pairs of shoes?

You’re either an last minute packer, which by my definition is the one who always tells their self ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ when in reality you’re going to be spending the next 24 hours in  a mad frenzy running around your room covered in a heap of clothes and asking your mum where she’s put your comfiest bra. Or, you’re the organised type, you know, those people who pack like it’s a military operation, have everything ironed, packed and have thought of everything under the sun, including a first-aid kit complete with a shit load of tablets that covers everything from a hangover headache to constipation, plasters for those new shoes and an emergency sling, because well, you never know.

The thought of packing can either be daunting or exciting and for me, it’s the latter. I’m not a super organised packer but I like to get everything sorted a few days before, because the thought of forgetting that new bag I bought that goes with the new outfit I strategically put together, would piss me off. I am on the other hand, the most forgetful when it comes to hand-luggage, I always get the Home Alone moment when I’m sat on the plane and suddenly remember that I’ve left something important behind, not as important as my small child but still, you get the idea.


So, with that said, I’m sure there are a few of you like myself who tend to forget their hand-luggage essentials and because we’re all in this together, here’s a list of must-have items to fill your hand-luggage (first-aid kit not included.)

Passports & Vital Documentation that you’d be f*cked without

Seems like an obvious one, but please don’t forget your passport and check your passport is in date, nothing says holiday from hell like realising you can’t go on that luxury vacay to Santorini because you’ve only just realised that your passport expired in 2012.

Remember to bring any other documentation with you such as a hotel reservation and any other important pieces of paper that you need to travel. I also suggest having everything printed a few days advance including your boarding passes if you’ve checked in online, I know you can get an app which stores your boarding passes, but if your phone gets lost / broke or runs out of charge, at least you have a back-up.

I suggest taking a travel wallet where you can put all your important stuff in, ASOS have a fab one and it’s currently on sale. Don’t forget any currency and/or travel cards either.

Headphones & Charger, because what else are you gonna do other than boast to your Instagram followers that you’re jetting off on your jollies

Ah technology, we would be screwed without it. Make sure you pack your phone, charger and a suitable adapter for when you get to your destination. Check what kind of adapter you need for the country you’re going to before you fly, I once went to Poland and accidentally packed a adapter that only works in the USA.

Don’t forget your headphones either, because who wants to listen to a crying baby for 4 hours? Also listening to music is likely to help keep you cool as a cucumber if you’re a nervous flyer. Be sure to pre-download all that Spotify goodness before you turn on airplane mode as, well, you guessed it, your songs won’t play. This also goes for those who want to Netflix and chill mid-air, don’t forget to download all the Orange is The New Black Season 6 episodes before you hit that airplane mode button.

Books, Kindles, Colouring books, anything that keeps your mind from freaking out that your 10,000 feet above the clouds

What the travel bloggers don’t tell you is that flights, airports and overall travelling can be #boring. Keep your mind occupied with various books, both reading and colouring kind, as once you’re up in the sky there’s only so many times you can play eye-spy.

If you’ve got a kindle then you’re gonna save so much room in your hand-luggage, if not, then I’d highly suggest buying one as they are so light and you can read a multitude of books while you’re mid-air,  plus think about the trees.

Lotions, potions and other items that makes you not look like shit

Flying leaves your skin and body feeling very dehydrated and if you’ve got an early flight, you’re probably looking a bit on the rough side (if you look like a Goddess in the morning then I sincerely envy you and want to know your secret).

Pack a few bits and bobs that will leave you looking a million dollars when you leave the plane, including:
  1. 100ml Toothpaste & toothbrush 
  2. Lipgloss, lipstick or vaseline 
  3. Mascara (100ml) 
  4. Moisturiser (100ml)
  5. Hair brush and bobbles
  6. Pair of spare undies (accidents happen)
  7. Clear plastic bag for your liquids (Yes, Vaseline is classed a liquid)
Boots and other retailers sell travel packs where you can transfer all your lotions and potions into travel approved bottles. Like this one.

A pillow, a sleeping bag, your ex’s jumper… Anything that helps you sleep

I can’t, for the life of me, sleep on planes. I find it is a skill I do not possess and in severe cases, resort to the alcohol trolley to cure my insomnia. (Please try to avoid this as getting pissed on a plane will either knock you out or create a Bridesmaids scene scenario, if you haven’t seen Bridesmaids then shame on you).

I find that taking the correct sleeping accessory can help battle the flying insomnia and might get you an hour, maybe two hours tops. If you can sleep on the plane then this is gonna be a breeze for you.

I’d suggest investing in a decent travel pillow that you can use on all flights, don’t be fooled by the pretty packaged, complimentary sleeping kits that they offer you (I mean, by all means take one, it’s free!) but they aren’t as good as the real deal. Exhibit A.

I would also suggest bringing: An eye-mask that will help block out the lights, ear-plugs for screaming babies and compression socks. Wear a hoodie or cardigan that can also double up as a blanket as flights can get a bit chilly.

Other bits and bobs that you also might find useful

Other bits to pack could include:

  • Sweets - for when your ears pop
  • Camera / laptop - Anything that is of value, keep on your person
  • Pens - Incase you need to fill out any forms on the flight
  • Feminine hygiene products - This one's obvious
  • Any contraception pills you usually take - Again, obvious
  • Small mirror - Just in case you need to re-apply any lippy mid-flight
  • Sunglasses - To hide those bags and channel your inner movie star
Oh and please make sure you check the hand-luggage regulations of your chosen airline before you board.


Skinny Dip Pineapple Tote - www.skinnydip.com 
Vaseline - Any boots stores
Plastic bags - Linked in blog post 


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