Often described as “A chatterbox, loves a good chat or always gossiping…” it’s safe to say that throughout my school and adult life (if you could call it that), I have always enjoyed talking. Whether it’s me who is the one sharing the information or listening to it, the art of conversation has always been my friend.

Here on this blog, is no different. I created this Wings of Honey to basically divulge a part of my life that I am extremely passionate about, both talking and listening, and that part is travel. Travelling is always a good conversation starter, we were introduced to the simple: “So, are you going away this year?” by our hairdresser’s when we were 13 and I guess it stuck.

I also dabble in the fashion, lifestyle-y bit too, but travel is my first companion.

If you’d like to chat about anything or work together, please feel free to drop me an email at wingsofhoneyblog@gmail.com

Thanks for listening.

G x

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