16 July 2018

5 Female Travel Blogs to Follow

As a aspiring blogger, I am always on the lookout for amazing content across my Instagram feed and although there are plenty of beautiful Instagram accounts around, here's my top 5 female travel bloggers you need to follow...

@gypsea_lust, also known as Lauren Bullen is a travel and lifestyle blogger who is originally from Australia, her Instagram feed will literally make you want to hop on a flight to the nearest tropical destination, she and her partner, fellow travel blogger @doyoutravel A.K.A Jack Morris, now permanently travel world. They met during a photography job and have since fell in love, travelling to the most amazing locations around the globe. Lauren and Jack have set up the most amazing home in Bali (they share their beautiful house on both of their IG accounts) and manage to create the best, Insta-worthy content around!

Another one to watch on Instagram is @gypsealovinlight, or better known as Helen Janneson Benson, she is based in Western Australia and regularly shares envious locations around the world. Her wardrobe is also envious, as she shares bohemian styled outfits alongside dreamy sunsets, with photography taken by her photographer husband Bobby, Helen’s feed is one to follow!

Dominika, or known on Instagram as The Blonde Flamingo, recently had the pleasure of swapping her full-time day job to becoming a fully fledged blogger! I have personally had the pleasure to speak to Dominika and she is lovely, her feed is a mix of fashion and travel, regularly updating her 70k Instagram followers with inspiring content!

Amsterdam based Noor De Groot or @queenofjetlags, shares her fast-paced travel life with the 600k followers on Insta, when she’s not taking care of her adorable daughter, Noor is travelling the world and eating amazing food whilst rocking the must-have outfits.

Lucia Tranos shares her beautifully bright content with her 110k followers, her bio which reads ‘chasing summer’ shows exactly that, with the ultimate summer vibes @lucyinthesskyy is your must follow girl if you’re looking for some serious summer inspo!

Who is your Instagram inspo? Comment below :-)

Until next time,

G xx


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